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What our students are saying

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The Composition Glowup

“I need to raise my prices again after this.”

"This Glowup was SO good. You guys have put words to all the ways I have never been able to explain why one image is better than another and then some. I need to raise my prices again after this.”

Elizabeth Peterson

The Have fun Glowup

“This shifted my ENTIRE mindset.”

“Thank you so much Daniel & Develope Team for this Glowup! In my opinion, this was the BEST one outside of the Pricing Glowup—I gained so, so much from the entire conversation. I have learned so much after becoming a mom myself & it shifted my ENTIRE mindset. The people-first attitude & tuning in emotionally can TRULY change the path of your business in general. I absolutely loved this feedback. A lot of what he said is so deep that I have to watch it multiple times because it's such a heavy hitter & full of takeaways. I just loved this. Really really educational & I'm excited to keep sharing it."

Stephanie Bustos

The Pricing Glowup

“I booked my highest wedding collection to date this week and feel so encouraged!”

"Just here to say THANK YOU for the Pricing Glowup! I booked my highest wedding collection to date this week and feel so encouraged! Jennefer and Charla, I can't thank you enough for the time and energy you spend investing into others and elevating this industry. You guys are the BEST."

Sarah Ray

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